Substation Automation

STEL provides complete Substation Automation System with protection, control, automation, monitoring, and communication capabilities as a part of a comprehensive substation control and monitoring solution through world’s renowned OEM’S including Alstom, ABB, DongFang, GE, Schneider, Siemens.

The IEDs,HMI, communications protocols, and communications methods, work together as a system to perform power system automation RTU & BCU configuration. Our services and solutions includes but not limited to:

  • HMI & Gateway configuration.
  • Configuration & Integration of IED/MFT with SCADA
  • Cable schedule preparation for EBOP plant, generation and transmission sub-stations upto 765kV.
  • Testing of IEDs for the provided protection setting.
  • Integration of ABT meters with Master under AMR.

Experienced in Various Protocols

  • IEC 61850 & Goosing MODBUS
  • IEC 101, 103,104, 62056 Courier

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